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Catillo Mount Beautiful Hike in Tivoli

The Wonders of the Monte Catillo Nature Reserve

Are you in Tivoli and looking for easy hiking with stunning views? Get ready to immerse yourself in this adventure into nature to find one of Tivoli’s best spots while walking through the Nature Reserve of Mount Catillo

Mount Catillo is the mountain of Tivoli, and when viewed from the city, it may seem barren. However, behind it, majestic woods of oaks, cork oaks, brooms, and elms unfold, completely changing the scenery. It will surprise you!

The hike is overall straightforward but requires a minimum level of fitness. The initial part is the most challenging as it ascends steadily to the summit before descending into the forest.

This hiking is planned for a full day of exploration. So feel free to adjust it based on your interests and available time.

Exploring this breathtaking summit is a must-do, especially during the daytime when the panoramic views are at their best. The westward orientation ensures a stunning sunset spectacle that you won’t want to miss. However, it’s crucial to come prepared with a torch, as descending the trek in the dark can be quite challenging. The mesmerizing experience is undoubtedly worth it, but safety should always be a priority. Take in the beauty, but tread carefully!

** Embarking on a mountain hike? Prioritize safety! Respect nature, leave no trace, and know your limits. Happy trails!
*Remember to wear comfortable shoes and bring water!
*The times mentioned are estimates and can vary based on the individual and how much time you spend enjoying the scenery along the way.
*Check the local weather conditions and trail status before setting out on your hike.
*Always carry essentials like water, food, sunscreen, and a map or GPS device for safety. 

The walking itinerary starts at Tivoli and ends at Tivoli



Tivoli is a charming town near Rome, with a rich tapestry of history, art, and natural beauty. Nestled on the slopes of the Sabine Hills, Tivoli stands as a testament to the enduring allure of Italian heritage.

One of Tivoli’s crown jewels is Villa d’Este, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its exquisite Renaissance architecture and stunning terraced gardens. The villa, once a residence for the Este family, boasts an impressive collection of fountains, water features, and meticulously landscaped greenery. Visitors are transported to an ancient era, where the fusion of art and nature creates an enchanting atmosphere.

villa deste

Equally captivating is Hadrian’s Villa, an ancient Roman archaeological complex that served as the imperial residence of Emperor Hadrian. This sprawling site showcases the grandeur of Roman architecture, with remnants of palaces, temples, and thermal baths set against a backdrop of lush greenery.

villa adriana

Beyond its historical landmarks, Tivoli offers a delightful escape into the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. The Monte Catillo Reserve, with its rugged terrain and diverse flora, provides a perfect setting for hiking enthusiasts.

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The trail to Monte Catillo begins at the Arch of Quintiliolo, where there is a convenient parking area.

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You can also reach the trailhead from Tivoli station, which is just a 400-meter walk, and alternatively, park your car there if finding parking is challenging at the other spot.


Starting from the Arch of Quintiliolo, follow the uphill asphalt road. As you ascend, you’ll reach a junction marking the beginning of the trail to reach Monte Catillo, identified by a wooden sign displaying information about the Monte Catillo Nature Reserve.

Embark on the dirt trail leading to the summit. The path is relatively easy, requiring approximately 30 minutes to reach the top, which is distinguished by a prominent cross. The trail circumnavigates the mountain, passing beneath the visible cross.

Upon reaching the same elevation as the summit, various unmarked but easily recognizable paths appear on the left, all leading to the cross.

Leave the main trail and follow one of these unmarked routes, taking a 10-minute walk to reach the cross. The cross remains visible throughout, ensuring there’s no risk of getting lost.

Once you reach the cross, just take a deep breath and enjoy the view!

MONTE CATILLO (350 meter)

After soaking in the breathtaking panoramic views, you have two choices: retracing your steps along the same trail that will lead you back to the main path or continue to the Sugherata di Sirividola.


We go back 10 minutes to the point we turned left to reach the summit and we continue straight for an additional 25 minutes of walking.

You’ll arrive at the hidden gem within the reserve, the Sughereta di Sirividola, an oak forest with notable geological interest. The substrate is primarily composed of Mesozoic rocks, formed 100-200 million years ago, predominantly limestone, limestone-marl rocks, and marls linked to the Apennine orogeny. This place is a vital asset of the reserve and well worth exploring. 


From here we go back along the same trail for around 40 minutes to the parking Area.

Our journey ends here! But if you wish to visit more about Tivoli here you can find the Itinerary through Tivoli’s Villas and Parks.

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